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1 Session

A single session lasts 45 minutes. We recommend this package to new customers who only want to use Atutor very occasionally.

CHF 55.-

CHF/pro Session 55.-

5 Sessions

Sie sparen CHF 50.-

We recommend this package to new customers to get to know Atutor.

CHF 225.-

CHF/pro Session 45.-

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10 Sessions

Sie sparen CHF 160.-

10 lessons are an excellent starting aid for problems in a specific subject area.

CHF 390.-

CHF/pro Session 39.-

20 Sessions

Sie sparen CHF 360.-

The second most purchased option. Lots of tutoring at a low price.

CHF 740.-

CHF/pro Session 37.-

50 Sessions

Sie sparen CHF 1’000.-

The super savings package! One private lesson every week - for almost a whole year.

CHF 1’750.-

CHF/pro Session 35.-

100 Sessions

Sie sparen CHF 2’200.-

The ultimate savings package! Perfect for long-term support in multiple compartments. Online tutoring at an unbeatable price.

CHF 3’300.-

CHF/pro Session 33.-