29. May 2021

Tutoring is becoming increasingly popular throughout Switzerland and almost every student has made use of tutoring at some point in their school career or even do so on a regular basis. There are numerous reasons why tutoring is gaining popularity these days: On one hand, more and more is being demanded in Swiss educational institutions and in many cases, it is no longer enough just to actively partake during class. You also have to do some cramming at home. Those who find this difficult can receive optimal and targeted support in private lessons – whether individually, in a group, at a tutoring school or online.

Last but not least, the tutoring industry has also experienced a decent upswing due to the current Corona pandemic. Schools were closed for a long time and distance learning still prevails in many places. This means that many students are on their own and have to study at home most of the time. Not everyone finds this equally easy and understandably, this has a strong impact on the learners’ motivation. In order not to get off track, to prepare specifically for exams and to write good grades in the long run, tutoring can present itself as a sensible decision. This article explains why private tutoring is a great supplement to normal school lessons and what enormous potential online tutoring has.

Tutoring for individual support

Tutoring can be done in many different ways. For instance, students can attend a tutoring school near their home where tutoring then often takes place in school-like classrooms, providing a traditional tutoring environment. For homeschoolers, lessons at a tutoring school are extremely interesting, because they can get to know something new besides the lessons at home and, for example, make great contacts with students of the same age in the context of group tutoring.

In addition to group tutoring, private tutoring offers an even better opportunity to address students’ difficulties individually and to promote personal interests. For example, if a student would like to do more math, French or English assignments in addition to school, their interests can be targeted in class. Professional tutoring can take place either at a tutoring school or online from home.

Professional tutoring not only imparts the necessary expertise on how to solve a particular task, but also on the interrelationships behind it. This ensures that students can later solve more complex tasks independently in a modified form. Furthermore, in the case of learning difficulties, valuable new approaches can be worked out and through the intensive coaching, the students make rapid progress.

Through tutoring, students can receive individual support.

Promoting motivation and the fun of learning with online tutoring

Online tutoring offers students a constant learning opportunity. This has proved particularly useful in times of crisis such as the Corona pandemic, because there were no interruptions and students could continue to prepare for important exams with virtual support from competent tutors. But even beyond the Corona crisis, online tutoring offers a flexible learning experience that can be integrated into students’ own daily routines and schedules. The flexibility and freedom sustainably promote motivation and maintain the fun of learning.

Compared to many conventional offers of tutoring schools, online tutoring is significantly cheaper. This is particularly due to the fact that with this learning offer, costs for travel by the teacher, room rental, equipment, etc. can be saved. In addition, online tutoring can be incorporated very flexibly into the students’ daily structure and can also be booked very spontaneously if a crucial exam is due the next day. The equipment needed for online tutoring is limited to a stable Internet connection and an electronic device such as a computer, a laptop, a tablet or, during the vacations, even a smartphone.

Furthermore, thanks to online tutoring, students can learn wherever it is easiest for them. This can be at home, at the library, at school or even in a park. This flexibility especially supports students who have difficulty learning at school. A new perspective or a new learning setting can often help to loosen existing blockages and approach things with ease again. This often also brings back the fun of learning.


Take online tutoring lessons with ATUTOR and get a head start

Tutoring with the online-tutoring platform ATUTOR means numerous advantages and a large selection of subjects. From mathematics, French, English, chemistry, physics and geography to Spanish, just about everything is available. But ATUTOR is not only a suitable contact for support in school subjects such as mathematics, French, English etc., but also for concerns such as structure of an essay, convincing presentation techniques, scientific writing or strategic studying for an exam.

Professional tutoring is provided via the meeting tool Zoom: The advantages of this are the authentic sound and video transmission, which gives you the feeling of sitting in the same room as the teacher. Administrative matters can be handled efficiently via the chat function, and documents can be sent back and forth within seconds with just a few clicks. On the whiteboard – a kind of virtual blackboard – even complex diagrams can be displayed, algebra problems can be solved together and chemical formulas can be recorded. The videos of the last 20 lessons can also be rewatched later at ATUTOR in order to repeat the content and thus reinforce the learning effect. Typically, a tutoring lesson at ATUTOR lasts 45 minutes, but ninety-minute lessons can also be booked if needed.

Students can try out ATUTOR’s offer on the basis of two free trial lessons without any obligation. There, all expectations can be clarified and together with their teachers, the students work out a strategy regarding how tutoring can get them to their desired goal in the long term. The navigation on the tutoring platform is very intuitive. A personal profile can be created within a few minutes and the desired subject can be selected. Soon, a suitable teacher and date are found. For long-term tutoring, it is especially worthwhile taking a look at ATUTOR’s attractive tutoring packages. The price per lesson is greatly reduced when a package is booked.

Most of the ATUTOR teachers are currently studying the subjects they teach.

Can we help you?

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