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05. June 2021

Tutoring services are currently experiencing a real boom throughout Switzerland, and not only because of the current Corona pandemic. The enormous advantages of tutoring and its positive effects on the motivation and performance of the students are becoming more and more apparent. There are still some restrictive regulations in connection with the pandemic, hence tutoring – especially online tutoring – offers a great opportunity to simply defy all restrictions and prepare specifically for upcoming entrance exams, term papers or final exams, regardless of the safety measures taken by the Federal Council. In times of crisis, it can be extremely reassuring to always have a reliable contact person by your side and to know that your own education will not suffer.

Supplementary instruction at a tutoring school can be just the right choice in a variety of situations, such as when students want additional support, have learning difficulties, or are overwhelmed with the amount of school material. On the other hand, if learners are underchallenged and would like to solve more tasks in a particular subject such as mathematics, English, French or physics in addition to regular school, they will also find exactly what they are looking for in private tutoring. Through the additional intensive support, learners feel more balanced and their motivation for normal school lessons is maintained. This ensures that they do not lose their enjoyment of learning due to chronic underachievement, which could have a negative impact on their future. This article discusses the advantages of a private tutoring school and why it can also be a useful supplement for homeschoolers.

Why is it worthwhile attending a private tutoring school?

There are many different learning and support options for students. In addition to online learning offers for self-study, there is also the possibility of taking advantage of professional tutoring at a conventional tutoring school. Students meet up in a tutoring room with their teacher and together they can work on assignments and their individual difficulties. However, those who do not want to go to a tutoring school can also opt for online tutoring. There are many different platforms in Switzerland and it is best to take your time and look at a few before choosing one. After all, for long-term success, it is very important that the tutoring platform is a good fit for you and offers exactly what you have in mind.

The reasons why students want to attend supportive lessons are very diverse. In Swiss educational institutions, more and more has been demanded for years and this trend will continually boost in the future. Students have to retain more and more information in less and less time. Some learners therefore struggle with those excessive demands and it can then help them to work on the school material again with another teacher and to deepen it. The tutors can often show the students new learning strategies and methods and the students find out for themselves how they can learn best and most efficiently in order to achieve good grades in the long run. In addition, tutoring can also be used to target interests, which increases overall motivation. Learning in varying settings – at home, in the library, in the park or even at the beach during vacation – also supports relaxed and pressure-free learning. The numerous positive effects that result have a direct impact on the students’ motivation and their enjoyment of learning.

Tutoring School
Schools keep demanding more from their students which can be overwhelming at times.

What potential does a tutoring school offer for homeschoolers?

Homeschooling means that parents teach their children at home, following the cantonal curriculum. This allows the family to spend more time together and parents to educate their children exactly the way they want to. The concept is becoming increasingly popular throughout Switzerland and has a decisive advantage, especially in times of crisis, because home schooling can be continuous. This ensures a well-founded education.

However, if the parent providing instruction has no pedagogical training – which is not a prerequisite for homeschooling in each canton – it may make sense for students to take professional tutoring lessons at a tutoring school or via an online tutoring platform in addition to homeschooling. This way, they can also make valuable contacts with their peers and get to know different teaching approaches and learning methods.


The Advantages of the Online Tutoring School ATUTOR

When students opt for tutoring via the online tutoring platform ATUTOR, they benefit from several advantages at once. During the Corona pandemic, it proved particularly useful that the learners could continue without interruptions and could act independently of school closures or other measures taken by the Federal Council. This gave them enormous stability and increased their motivation and enjoyment of learning. Online tutoring at home, however, is not only crisis-proof, but also requires very little equipment. With a stable internet connection and an electronic device such as a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone, you’re all set.

In contrast to tutoring in traditional tutoring schools, where premises are rented and the travel expenses of the tutors have to be covered, online tutoring at home offers a very attractive price-performance ratio. At ATUTOR, you can also benefit from interesting discounts if you choose long-term support. To increase the learning effect, the tutoring platform records all tutoring lessons, which are afterwards made available to the learner as videos. This is ideal for repeating something and consolidating knowledge in the long term.

ATUTOR continues to impress through its enormous versatility. Students can turn to the tutoring platform not only for tutoring in subjects such as mathematics, English, French, chemistry or any other school subjectimaginable, but also when they have questions about broader subject areas, such as persuasive presentation techniques, writing term papers or theses, effective learning methods, exam tips and much more. To try out ATUTOR’s services without obligation, it is worth arranging a free trial lesson. In this way, it is possible to figure out whether the offer suits one and what particular expectations are placed on the lessons. It is also possible to create structured learning plans over longer periods of time so that learners gain confidence and know exactly what they have to do and when. Many of the teachers on the ATUTOR tutoring platform are also students themselves or prospective teachers for high school or secondary school, which is why they can pass on useful tips to students first-hand and answer all questions expertly at any time.

Tutoring School
ATUTOR offers both tutoring and remedial classes for learners who would like to deepen a specific interest.

Can we help you?

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