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29. May 2021

After completing compulsory schooling, many students ask themselves what profession they would like to pursue later and what path they need to take to do so. For some professions, basic vocational training is sufficient; for others, many years of study are required. In order to be able to study at all in Switzerland or abroad, you need a high school diploma. One way to get there is the Gymnasium, which follows the primary or secondary school, depending on whether you attend the long- or short-term Gymnasium. With the Matura certificate in your pocket, you can enter most Swiss universities and also many universities abroad without having to take any entry exams.

Each Swiss canton is responsible for setting its own admission requirements to the Gymnasium, which is why the regulations also vary widely: Some cantons base admission criteria on previous school grades and entrance exam results, while others only take a look at the previous grades or only the entrance exam results. In the cantons where only the results of the school entrance exam are taken into account, a lot of emphasis is placed on intensive and serious preparation for the entrance exam, and rightfully so. This article explains why online tutoring is an attractive and useful way to prepare for this important exam and achieve good grades.

Contents of the Gymi Exam: Mathematics, German and French

For admission to the long-term high school, only a written examination of the subjects mathematics and German takes place – arithmetic, algebra, geometry, text comprehension, language observation and an essay are all part of the schedule. There are no oral exams. However, in the entrance examination for the short-term high school, which lasts four years and begins in the 9th or 10th school year, several subjects are tested: German (essay, text comprehension and language observation), French (listening comprehension, language exercise, reading comprehension and a writing assignment) as well as mathematics (arithmetic, algebra and geometry). In addition, oral exams of fifteen minutes each are also scheduled.

Students may register for the Gymi exam in February of each year, the exams then take place in March. Since only three subjects – mathematics, French and German – are tested in the Gymi exam, the prospective Gymnasium students can prepare for it very specifically. They also know which subjects will be tested, which gives them an additional learning advantage. Learners have numerous options for preparing for this important exam and must each decide individually which learning option will ultimately get them to their goal most efficiently and sustainably while keeping their motivation high.

Gymi exam
The Gymi exam covers the subjects German, mathematics and sometimes French.

Why does professional tutoring for the Gymi exam make sense?

There are numerous ways to prepare for the Gymi exams: Students can, for example, prepare for the exams by means of preparatory courses at secondary schools, through self-study by solving old Gymi exams, or by professional online tutoring. In the context of virtual tutoring, students can solve mock exams together with their tutor and take a look at content-related difficulties. Through the valuable input and assistance of the tutors, students make efficient progress in their learning. Professional tutoring is such a helpful tool when it comes to the preparation for the Gymi exam, because it is known exactly which subject areas will be tested. Thus, students can work on their weaknesses in a targeted manner in order to be optimally prepared on the decisive day.

Still, a large number of students fail the Gymi exam each year. This is precisely why serious and intensive preparation is essential. Sometimes it is due to trivialities. For example, if a topic has not been dealt with sufficiently, or the learner suffers from exam anxiety. If the mock exams are solved under conditions as realisticas possible, the learners can get used to the exam situation and therefore become more and more relaxed. Possible strategies to solve sudden blockages include, for example, skipping tasks first and returning to them later on, or in the case of a total blackout, solving a few simple arithmetic problems on a separate sheet of paper and thus taking oneself out of the immediate stress situation. After that, everything often goes much more smoothly. Corn sugar is also always useful for overcoming a brief dip in concentration.


Successfully Mastering the Gymi Exam Thanks to Online Tutoring By ATUTOR

A proven option to prepare for the Gymi exam is online tutoring at a recognized tutoring platform like ATUTOR. The tutoring provider employs competent tutors who are often themselves studying the subject they teach, including subjects such as mathematics, French, English, German, chemistry and many more. Because the teachers deal with the subject matter on a daily basis, they can competently answer all of the learners’ questions at any time. In addition, many of them have once taken the entrance exams to high school themselves and can pass on valuable tips and tricks in this regard.

ATUTOR’s professional online tutoring offers students a spontaneous and flexible opportunity to take advantage of tutoring at home. Because online tutoring saves its students the need to travel to a tutoring school or to a preparation course, learners have more time for preparation and can use the time gained wisely. In addition, they can study at home where they feel most comfortable. This additionally increases the learning effect and helps promote the joy of learning. Another advantage of online tutoring for exam preparation is its price. Preparation courses or tutoring at a local tutoring school are usually more expensive than online tutoring, which is why a look at the attractive tutoring packages from ATUTOR is definitely worthwhile. Completed lessons can be repeated later on, so that what has been learned can be consolidated even better. Even if an important exam is coming up or a question arises shortly before, ATUTOR is there for the learners and is available for short-term lessons.

In order to find out whether online tutoring suits you, every student can book two free trial lessons with ATUTOR. This is a non-binding way for you to figure out whether the offer suits you and how it can help you reach your goal most efficiently. Even in uncertain times such as the Corona pandemic, ATUTOR’s offer has proven successful, as all students were able to continue learning without interruptions or delays and were ideally prepared for upcoming exams. The security of always being able to continue to build on the successes already achieved increases motivation and helps foster a love of learning.

Gymi exam
The concept of online tutoring has proven particularly effective in times of crisis such as the Corona pandemic.

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