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01. May 2021

Just about every student in Switzerland makes use of tutoring once or even at regular intervals during their school career. This trend is can be traced back to various factors, for example that the requirements in all educational institutions in Switzerland are constantly increasing and understanding and internalizing the vast amount of school material within a tight time frame presents many learners with a great challenge. Another reason for the development lies within the fact that most schools often lack time and space for individual support of extraordinarily talented and motivated learners who would like to deepen their knowledge on a specific subject, as they stick strictly to their curriculum. Competition in secondary schools is also increasing due to the growing population, which is why targeted preparation for entrance exams is becoming more and more relevant. In any case, it is worthwhile to take advantage of private tutoring lessons early on in order to be optimally prepared and approach education-related challenges calmly and relaxed.

The learning options outside of compulsory school are numerous. One of the many possibilities, for example, is tutoring. That can take place either at a tutoring school or online at home. This article discusses why it can be a sensible decision to take tutoring lessons taught by teachers and what advantages online tutoring offers overall.

Why does tutoring by teachers make sense?

When students decide to start getting into taking tutoring lessons, it can make sense to be taught by trained teachers. They have acquired many years of experience with the school system and the respective contents on the different school levels. They know the curriculum in detail, know exactly what is important and can correspondingly offer the tutoring students competent and goal-oriented assistance.

Teachers are well aware of which subject content is to be prioritized depending on the subject and how it is most likely to be tested in the exams. In addition, teachers have a sound pedagogical knowledge due to their specific training, which is why they can convey content clearly and comprehensibly. Learners as a whole can only benefit from this.

Tutoring by Teachers
Teachers are experts in knowing what content to prioritize within a specific subject.

Tutoring by Teachers for a More Fun Learning Experience and Targeted Support

The goal of tutoring is often to support students to keep up better in class, to write good grades in the long run and to be successful. Sometimes the goal is also to alleviate an existing test anxiety or to get rid of it completely. These goals can be achieved through tutoring at a traditional tutoring school or through online tutoring. The latter has been gaining increasing popularity, as it can be booked flexibly and students can take advantage of it from the comfort of their own homes. Especially during the current Corona crisis with its numerous unpredictable measures and restrictions, this is a significant advantage for all learners. Furthermore, very little equipment is needed for this type of learning. All that is needed is a stable Wifi access and an electronic device for video transmission, such as a computer, a laptop, a tablet or, during vacations, a smartphone, and you’re good to go.

Thanks to the flexible nature of online tutoring, learning can easily be incorporated into an already overly busy schedule. The use of electronic devices and modern online tools also supports the learners’ sensible use of technology. This additionally promotes fun of learning and motivates the students even more to stick to a consistent study routine. Online tutoring can take place in a variety of settings, such as at home, at school, atthe library or in a park. The focus is always on promoting relaxed and stress-free learning.


Online Tutoring by Teachers With the Tutoring Platform ATUTOR

The tutoring platform ATUTOR offers tutoring in many different school subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, English, French, geography and many more. All teachers employed by ATUTOR undergo an extensive application process. This way, the platform makes sure that all students can benefit from the tutoring lessons in the best possible way. This ensures excellent quality. ATUTOR offers professional tutoring at a very good price-performance ratio. Especially for students who consider long-term tutoring, it is definitely worthwhiletaking a look at ATUTOR’s tutoring packages. There you will find interesting discounts which lower the price for a single lesson even further. Another advantage is that the completed tutoring lessons can later reviewed by the tutoring students. That reinforces the learning effect even more.

In order to sustainably promote motivation and the fun of learning, students can flexibly book the tutoring lessons at ATUTOR and at very short notice as well. This way, motivated phases can be made use of even more effectively and the maximum can be extracted from them. Let’s say an important exam is due the next day and the student does not yet feel well versed in all topics? No problem. ATUTOR is always happy to help in such situations. On the homepage, students can register within just a few clicks, select from subjects such as mathematics, English, French and many more, click on the desired time frame and choose a suitable teacher from the suggested teachers. On the booked day, students then receive a corresponding link to the Zoom meeting and simply have to log in. Payment for the tutoring is handled flexibly via invoice, PayPal or credit card.

ATUTOR is not only an expert when it comes to professional tutoring in individual school subjects such as mathematics, English, French or chemistry, but can also help students in various other areas. These include writing scientific papers, giving lectures, efficient exam preparation methods and strategies and much more. Even if students need a final proofreading of their Matura thesis or term paper, you have come to the right place with ATUTOR. Students can always rely on the many years of experience and expertise of ATUTOR’s tutors. Thus, students can receive professional tutoring from different teachers at the same time and even benefit from synergies between the individual school subjects. The tutoring platform offers all learners the opportunity to book a non-binding, free trial lesson at the beginning. In each case, the wishes and expectations of the students are discussed in the first lesson in order to help the students efficiently and sustainably reach their goals.

Tutoring by Teachers
The ATUTOR tutoring platform offers all learners the opportunity to take advantage of a free, no-obligation trial lesson at the beginning.

Can we help you?

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