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05. June 2021

Tutoring is becoming increasingly popular throughout Switzerland – this is not only due to the current corona crisis with numerous school closures and suspensions, but particularly because of the many advantages of tutoring as a whole. Its flexible and consistent character significantly contributes to the students’ motivation to stick to the school material and to prepare for important exams and write good grades, regardless of the current health situation. It is extremely reassuring to know that you always have a reliable contact person by your side in uncertain times. This provides additional motivation and increases the enjoyment of learning.

Students choose tutoring for a variety of reasons. Supportive lessons can make sense, for example, if someone is overwhelmed by the school material and has not yet fully understood certain topics. In order to be able to keep up, learners can ask specific questions and discuss problems one-on-one with a teacher in the context of professional tutoring. But even if learners are underchallenged at school and would like to solve more difficult tasks in a subject such as math, French or English, tutoring – whether online or at a tutoring school – can be the right choice. If a student is appropriately challenged, this also promotes motivation for normal school lessons. Tutoring is very interesting for homeschoolers as well, i.e. children or teenagers who are taught exclusively at home by a parent. This article discusses the advantages of a tutoring academy such as ATUTOR and how students can benefit from supplementary instruction.

Advantages of a Tutoring Academy

Learners encounter a wide variety of learning and support opportunities during their school careers. Self-paced learning opportunities often require a great deal of self-discipline, which is not easy for everyone. Some learners therefore prefer tutoring at a tutoring academy or online via a recognized tutoring platform. The personal contact and valuable input of a tutor can contribute significantly to students’ motivation and make learning fun.

For those who do not want to take the route to a tutoring academy or a tutoring school, professional online tutoring could be an interesting offer. There are many different platforms for online tutoring in Switzerland, which is why it is worthwhile for students to contact different providers and get detailed information. Online tutoring can be flexibly integrated into the school day and requires very little equipment – a stable Internet connection and an electronic device such as a laptop, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone are already sufficient to get started.

Professional support from a tutoring platform like ATUTOR can take place in a variety of places: at home, at school, in the park, at the library or even on vacation. This allows students to study in a relaxed atmosphere, which usually allows them to work more efficiently and make significantly more progress. Especially learners who don’t cope well with the pressure of school can benefit from tutoring in a stress-free and expectation-free environment. Also, many tutors are of a similar age as the students, which can provide a contrast to the potentially scary typical teacher-student situation.

Tutoring Academy
Online tutoring lessons can take place wherever the student feels most comfortable.

Tutoring Academy For All School Levels Up to College

At a tutoring academy, students at all levels of education up to college can receive professional tutoring. Since the needs of all learners are very different, it is worthwhile having a face-to-face meeting at the beginning to define goals and expectations. Do the learners wish tutoring in a specific subject such as English, French, mathematics or chemistry? Or do they need support in a slightly broader subject such as scientific writing or how to give a structured and convincing talk?

At a tutoring academy, prospective high school students can also prepare themselves for the entrance exams to the Gymi in the best possible way. Since many examinees still rattle through the exam every year, it is advisable to prepare intensively for all possible subject areas of the subjects mathematics, German and French by means of old mock exams and with the help of a private tutor. Even if someone suffers from exam anxiety, repeated practice of the exam situation may help them to approach the written and oral exam more calmly on the crucial day.

Not only in elementary school, secondary school or in secondary schools such as the Gymnasium or the Fachmittelschule, students can receive tutoring, but also later in their studies. Sometimes additional areas such as writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or writing essays become relevant there.


The Advantages of the Tutoring Academy ATUTOR

With the tutoring academy ATUTOR the students benefit from several interesting advantages. Not only during corona-related school closures, online tutoring offered a useful service for learners who were left on their own at home. Also in less troubled times, learners benefit from the flexible and spontaneous offer. By saving the commute to a tutoring school, a 45-minute tutoring lesson at ATUTOR can be ideally placed in an in-between hour or held late in the evening or early in the morning. Thanks to this flexibility, students learn when they are most motivated, which greatly increases their enjoyment of learning.

ATUTOR also offers an extremely interesting price-performance ratio as well as great discounts for long-term tutoring. The price for a single lesson decreases enormously when buying a package and the offer becomes accessible to even more students. All tutoring lessons at ATUTOR are held with the meeting tool Zoom. In addition to a video transmission and a chat function for file exchange, this tool also offers a whiteboard, a kind of virtual blackboard on which the teacher can present complicated graphics or formulas in an understandable way. The tutoring lessons are always recorded, so that the learners can also retrieve the content later and thus benefit double. ATUTOR offers professional tutoring for students from elementary school to university. The tutors of the tutoring academy ATUTOR are often themselves studying the subject they teach – mathematics, English, chemistry, French, German, geography and many more – and can therefore provide competent information at any time and pass on useful tips and tricks from their own everyday studies to their students.

Tutoring Academy
All ATUTOR tutoring lessons take place via the video tool Zoom.

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