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Do you need individual and specific tutoring with regard to the Passerelle or do you simply want to refresh your math or language skills? With us you will find the offer that perfectly suits you and your goals.

1 Lektion

A single lesson lasts 45 minutes. We recommend this option to students who wish to use ATUTOR only occasionally.

CHF 68.-

CHF/per session 68.-

5 Lektionen

Sie sparen CHF 35.-

This package is well suited for new students to experience the benefits of online tutoring.

CHF 305.-

CHF/per session 61.-

Most booked!

10 Lektionen

Sie sparen CHF 120.-

Mostly booked. 10 lessons offer a good opportunity to make significant progress in a selected subject.

CHF 560.-

CHF/per session 56.-

25 Lektionen

Sie sparen CHF 400.-

This package is very well suited for regular users who want to make lasting improvements in several subjects.

CHF 1’300.-

CHF/per session 52.-

50 Lektionen

Sie sparen CHF 1’050.-

50 lessons provide an excellent basis for preparing for and successfully mastering major examinations such as the Matura or the Passerelle.

CHF 2’350.-

CHF/per session 47.-

100 Lektionen

Sie sparen CHF 2’600.-

Perfect for long-term support and sustainable development in various subjects.

CHF 4’200.-

CHF/per session 42.-

With ATUTOR you benefit in many ways:

– free trial lesson
– individual support
– excellent teachers
– easy scheduling
– high flexibility

We offer high quality at a fair price

We are the leading digital tutoring school in Switzerland. Our experienced and qualified team of teachers is permanently employed by us and is always ready to support you on your learning path in the best possible way and to provide you with sustainable support. In order to make the best use of your time, our teachers prepare each lesson with you in advance – this is of course included in the price. At ATUTOR you benefit from experienced teachers, personal support and the highest quality. Book a free trial lesson now and see for yourself. 

How can we help you?

Are you unsure which package to book? If you would like to book your individual package or have questions about payment, you can contact us at any time at or via WhatsApp
+41 79 280 83 98. We will find an individual solution for you.