How it works

1. Create a profile.

Click on «Register» and create your personal profile.

2. Choose your subject

Choose the subject for which you want to take a tutoring lesson.

3. Make an appointment

Decide on the appropriate date for you.

4. Choose a teacher

Select the tutor of your choice.

5. Get in contact with the teacher

If you wish, you can send a message and preparation materials to your teacher.

6. Book the appointment

Click on «Book appointment» to complete the process. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment by e-mail. The appointment will also be displayed on the homepage of your profile.

7. Start the lesson

You start the lesson by clicking on the «start button» on the main page of your profile at the appropriate time. If this is your first lesson, you will automatically be asked to install a program called “Zoom.

8. Repeat the lesson

In your profile you can repeat the videos of the last 20 lessons with the corresponding documents as often as you like.

9. Top up new credit and look forward to your next lesson

Take advantage of our discounted offers and top up your credit. We offer tutoring from as little as CHF 35.- per lesson.