How it works

1. Create a profile.

In order to be able to book tutoring, you must first register and log in.

2. Choose your subject and the language of instruction

Choose the subject in which you would like to book tutoring and the language in which the lesson should take place.

3. Select the desired tutor

Choose from a range of competent and certified tutors. You can also leave the choice of a suitable tutor to us. Therefore you may select “Zufälliger Tutor”.

4. Make an appointment

After you have decided on a tutor, you can check his availability and book an appointment directly.

5. Complete the booking

During the booking process, you have the opportunity to send a message to your tutor and send documents (e.g. a photo of book entries or homework). This will help him prepare for the lesson.

6. Start the lesson at the agreed time

After successfully booking a tuition you will receive a confirmation email with a link to connect with your tutor. You will also find a start button integrated in your profile. Just click on this start button up to ten minutes before the lesson starts. You will automatically connect to the tutor. For technical requirements and program requirements, please refer to the instructions in the email.

7. Repeat the lesson as often as you like

All past lessons are stored on your private Atutor profile. This means that you can view all shared and edited documents and the whole tutorial as a video. As often as you want. Free of charge.

8. Top up your credit and take advantage of our super cheap offers.

A so-called “minute account” is attached to your private Atutor profile. This account allows you to book tuition lessons to the extent of your account balance. If the account is empty, it must be recharged before a new booking. We offer various attractive packages for this purpose. Private lessons of 45 minutes each are available from CHF 35.- for each level and subject.