Questions about ATUTOR


First, create your own profile so that we know who you are and that you can manage all your documents, videos and documents safely and easily. With your profile you can always book a tutorial lesson. You have to fill in your “minute account”. But do not worry, your account will be filled up right away with a starting balance of 45 minutes. Your first lesson is free. So you can book a lesson directly. For this you simply click on the subject in which you would like to receive tutoring and the language in which the lessons should take place. You will then be shown all the remedies that meet your criteria. All tutors are rated with stars. So you see what other students think about the tutors. In addition, you can also see when which tutor is available. If you have found the tutor that fits your person and your schedule, you can enter directly into his / her calendar. The lesson is now considered booked. For the exact procedure see here.

No! All applicants will be examined by Tutor GmbH and will only be hired if the high requirements are met. Only about ten percent of the applicants meet our high standards. Tutor GmbH strives to employ only tutors with the highest standards. In addition, the quality of the tutors is continuously checked. Special attention is paid to the continuous evaluation of the tutors by the students.

Each profile has a so-called minute account. If the minute account has enough credit, private lessons can be booked. If, for example, 90 minutes are loaded on the account, two 45 lessons or one 90 lesson can be booked. If the minute account has too little credit, it must be recharged before it can be booked again.

No problem. No problem. You can postpone or cancel your booked tuition free of charge until 24 hours before the lesson starts. Short-term postponements are associated with costs. You can find more details in the terms and conditions.

It’s very rare for a tutor to cancel a lesson. We can ensure this because tutors are only allowed to make appointments available when they really have time. Should it happen that a tutor has to cancel the lesson, you will of course not have to pay anything. Already debited minutes on your minute account will be credited to your account again.

Almost all common Internet-enabled devices are compatible with our platform. You can log in to the tutorial with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This enables you to exchange data across all devices. Show the tutor, for example, the photographed graphic directly on your smartphone or send him a PDF file with your tasks via tablet.

Although you can always take a tutorial with your smartphone, tutoring on a laptop with an integrated microphone and camera makes the most sense from our point of view.

To cut a long story short: almost every device is compatible with our software. The only thing you really need is a good internet connection. Just try it out as part of the free lesson!

If you have any technical questions, we will be happy to advise you. Just send us an email to info@atutor.ch or a Whattsapp to +41 79 323 74 78.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to hold your tutor’s tasks to the camera. You can easily transfer tasks, pictures and exercises in different ways. The easiest way is to photograph them with your smartphone. You can submit the documents during the booking process or you can simply send them during the lesson using our software. You can then edit and discuss the document online at the same time.

From January to March 2019, one “minute” costs CHF 0.90. A 45-minute lesson thus costs CHF 40.50.

From March 2019 we will introduce different prices depending on the number of minutes purchased at once. We will keep you up to date.

Each student has the opportunity to evaluate the tutor after the lesson using a star system. We attach great importance to this evaluation and regularly check the performance of the tutors.

You can switch freely between teachers at any time. This is an advantage if, for example, your favourite tutor’s diary is unfortunately already full.

An internal file system allows us to record the essence of each lesson. When a new tutor prepares for the lesson with you, he will know which tasks and exercises you have already solved and in which areas you still have optimization potential. Thus we guarantee a smooth change between tutors.

When booking, you determine the duration of the lesson in advance. There are currently three lesson sizes available (45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes). If you wish for a longer lesson, e.g. 120 minutes, simply book two individual 60-minute lessons one after the other.

The lesson starts on time. However, you can log into the virtual lesson room 10 minutes before the lesson starts. The lesson ends when it is closed by the tutor. He can only do this after the agreed time has elapsed.

Why Atutor is better than conventional tutoring can be found here.

Briefly summarized: Students are more motivated, concentrated and focused than with conventional tutoring, because they intrinsically enjoy working on their laptops more. Atutor is safer! All lessons are recorded for the student and for security reasons. The regular control of the tutors ensures the high quality of the tutoring. Atutor only hires the best tutors. The transparent evaluation system shows the strengths and weaknesses of the tutors unadulterated and allows the student to make an informed choice and change at any time without loss of quality. Atutor knows exactly when which tutor has time. Accordingly, all appointments can be viewed online and booked directly. Atutor eliminates annoying work trips. Learning can be done comfortably from home or from the hotel during the holidays shortly before school starts. Since the tutors have no way to work, this does not have to be charged. This makes it for Atutor Nachhilfe possible to offer in a quality, which would cost with other conventional offerers frequently more the double. Atutor is transparent and flexible. Each lesson can be repeated for free. All used materials remain stored, are logically ordered and can be viewed by the student at any time free of charge. This enables optimal preparation for exams and facilitates learning.

In short – Atutor is the best way to experience tutoring. Convince yourself today and book a free trial lesson!

Of course you wouldn’t have to pay anything in that case! Your credit would be replenished, if it was debited at all.