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Which subjects are offered?

We officially offer 9 science subjects, 12 language subjects and 15 humanities subjects. Basically all usual subjects of all school levels are available. If you would like to receive tuition in a subject that is not on the booking list, you are welcome to contact us. We are sure to find a solution.

For which school level is Atutor.ch suitable?

For all school levels – from primary school to university. For all subjects we have “level specialists” who are particularly suitable for private lessons at a certain school level.

What if I have to cancel the tutorial?

It sometimes happens that something doesn’t work out as planned. Thats no problem. Please cancel the lesson as soon as possible so that your tutor can reorganize. We apply the “24h rule”; if you cancel the lesson 24 hours before the lesson starts (or earlier), your credit will be fully refunded. Lessons cancelled later will not be refunded. In certain exceptional cases a refund based on goodwill is possible. Please send an email to info@atutor.ch.

When and how does a private lesson begin?

The tutorial starts at the agreed time (see Booking, Confirmation mail or Profile). To start the lesson simply click on the start button in your profile or on the link in the email. If you have not yet installed the tutorial program (Zoom) on your “tutoring device” (laptop, tablet or possibly smartphone) at this time, you will automatically be asked to install it. Just follow the installation instructions of the program. In the confirmation mail you will also find all the information you need to prepare yourself technically for your tutoring.

How many private lessons should I book?

That depends entirely on your goal and on the prerequisites. Sometimes a single lesson is enough to solve a specific problem. We often accompany private tutors over a longer period of time and with regard to a specific goal (final exams, admission tests, etc.). In the case of such engagements, it is sometimes advisable to agree on weekly double lessons, e.g. over the period of one semester.

How long is one lesson?

A lesson usually lasts 45 minutes. However, you can also book sixty or ninety minute lessons at the time of booking.

How does online tutoring work?

The actual tutoring with Atutor takes place on a program called “Zoom”. Zoom is a software developed for educational institutions – a kind of improved Skype with additions, improvements and all kinds of features. Your tutor will briefly introduce you to the program during the first lesson. You’ll see that tutoring feels like you’re sitting next to each other.

My tutor didn’t show up for his lesson. What now?

That’s not supposed to happen! Of course you will be reimbursed immediately for any credit deducted. Please write us a short mail. We will take care of it immediately and organize a substitute teacher.

Are all tutors equally expensive?

Yes, we try to offer our private lessons as cheap as possible and to keep the quality high. Private lessons are the same for all subjects and all levels. Only the purchased package (or the credit loaded at once) allows the price to vary.

How can I pay?

With invoice, credit card and PayPal. For security reasons, the option to pay by invoice is only activated if a purchase has already been made by credit card or PayPal. As soon as the system has registered a purchase, the payment option “invoice” is automatically activated.

I wanted to buy via invoice, but something didn’t work.

The option to pay via invoice is only activated for all students if a purchase has already been made by credit card or PayPal (for security reasons). As soon as the system has registered a purchase, the payment option “invoice” is automatically activated.

How much does a private lesson cost?

With our super savings package, a 45-minute lesson costs just CHF 33. Single lessons are more expensive and cost CHF 55. The price per lesson varies depending on the package.

Can anyone just become a tutor?

No, not at all! All tutors have to prove themselves in a proper application procedure. Listed and hired tutors meet all the requirements of Tutor GmbH.

Can I change my tutor at any time?

Of course! If your tutor should not be available or you just want to change, this is possible at any time. Just book another tutor. If you need a recommendation in this regard, simply send us an e-mail to info@atutor.ch.

What are the technical requirements for online tutoring?

A trouble-free Internet access should be available. Otherwise, the requirements are relatively clear. The private lessons can take place on the computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (all independent of the operating system). For the best experience we recommend the use of a computer/laptop. During the school holidays, the mobile phone might be sufficient.

What happens if I am unable to attend classes due to technical problems?

As a student, you are responsible for ensuring that you have the technical skills (good, stable Internet access and functioning, Internet-enabled equipment).

Do I always have to hold my task sheets in the camera?

No, of course not. That would be impractical. There are several ways of transmitting documents to each other. E.g. you can take a short photo of the booklet entry and send it directly via app. The heart of the tutoring is the digital blackboard on which students and tutors can write together.

My tutor uses a tablet for handwritten notes. That’s what I want as well!

There are several suppliers of such tablets in different price categories. We recommend one of the following two: 1. https://amzn.to/2I2PZk4 2. https://amzn.to/2WMZ6ss

Where can I find the documents I have edited with my tutor?

Click in your profile on “Folder” and there on the folder of the respective tutorial.

How can I repeat the lesson?

It’s very simple! To access the past tutorial (video), click on “Past Lessons” in your profile and then on “Recordings” of the respective lesson. To access other shared content (documents, photos, screenshots), click in your profile on “Folder” and there on the folder of the respective tutorial.

I need help with the application process for a future job.

We will be happy to correct your application documents and/or advise you on the upcoming application. Just send us an email to info@atutor.ch.

I need help creating an important presentation.

No problem! Just send us a mail with the topic of your presentation and your wishes to info@atutor.ch.

I am looking for career coaching and/or career guidance.

For career coaching simply send us an email to info@atutor.ch.

I need help writing a scientific term paper.

No problem. I’m sure we can help you. Be it with a consultation or as a lecturer. Just send us a mail to info@atutor.ch with your wishes.

Where can I get information on general questions?

Just send us an email to info@atutor.ch, send us a message via chat or call us at 079 323 74 78.

Luzius Bill

Founder and managing director of Tutor GmbH.


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