Unparalleled price-performance ratio

We offer tuition lessons – independent of subject and school level – starting at CHF 35.-. This is still unbeaten in comparison with all professional Swiss tuition providers. Logically, the first trial lesson is also free of charge.

Private lessons can be repeated free of charge

Practice makes perfect! The entire video and audio material of your lessons, including all released and edited documents, is available for review and review. This allows you an optimal preparation for every exam. This service is free of charge and can be used as often as you like.

We are flexible and can also be booked at short notice.

We are extremely fast when it comes to an emergency. We can always choose from a variety of tested and competent tutors who can take the time for you.

Atutor makes it easy to make an appointment

It is possible to book directly into the calendar of the desired tutor. After the booking no confirmation of the tutor is necessary any more. It is also possible to leave the choice of the right tutor to us. Simply book “Zuf√§lliger Tutor” or write us a short message with your requirements and wishes.

Our profile structure enables our students to maintain order

With each posting, a private, virtual folder system is created in the background. This enables the organized storage of school materials and an excellent digital filing system for the exchange of documents before, during or after the tutoring.

Native speakers are available

In addition to the Swiss tutors, Atutor provides you with a number of “native speakers” in various subjects. This is especially interesting for students who want to improve their language skills in a foreign language or for foreign students who want to enjoy tutoring in their native language. For example, you can book English lessons with a native speaker or mathematics lessons in Chinese.

Security and safety is a top priority

Atutor is safe! We even claim to be safer than traditional tutoring. All audio and video material transmitted during lessons is recorded and stored for security reasons, in addition to common documents. This allows us to control quality very accurately and prevents any misconduct.

Our students are more motivated and more concentrated.

Students at Atutor learn better, more efficiently and more concentrated. Learning on a laptop is fun and students are more positive about learning than with traditional tutoring. Atutor is therefore also suitable for people who have been sceptical about tutoring until now.

Secure and easy payment

With us you can pay the required credit balance on account, with credit card or PayPal.

We celebrate linguistic diversity and multilingualism

We offer a variety of languages to choose from. Not only can you book lessons to learn a specific language, but you can also learn any subject in many different languages.